Astral Rassler

rassler, creek shoe, bootie, whitewater shoe, five ten rubber, stealth rubberAstral designed especially for our true love…. Hiking in deep to run the gnar. The Rassler provides enhanced foot support, reinforced wear zones, and draining uppers. We stiffened our midsole a bit to control foot fatigue and power through Cali granite fields. Incredibly light and with STEALTH® outsoles. This one is a welcome relief from the current trend of moon boots on offer to real kayakers.

  1. Lightweight, Minimalist Construction
  2. 3D print on heel and toe for abrasion resistance in wear zones
  3. Durable Cordura® Upper
  4. Balanced Geometry Midsole
  1. Stealth® outsolefive ten stealth sole, rassler, Astral, bootie, 5.10 rubber,
  2. Heel Cup for extra support
  3. Heel Loop fits standard size carabiners
  4. Ankle high support for the burliest portages
  5. Breathable Airmesh vamp & tongue

River Store Staff Review of Astral Rassler.

With a day off and a snow melt just kicking in I was way ready to be  on the water after a long stint with no paddling.  With run off on the North Fork American  Chamberlain run I took the shoes out for  a test drive. Below is what I found, I used a few comparisons of other shoes I have used or that are out on the market.  With any luck this will help you with your shoe choices.

The Rassler is a comfortable & supportive shoe but not as flexible as the water tennie  The fit is slightly bigger in the toes then the five ten water tennie which is nice if you have a wider foot.  I  love the light weight feel of the shoe on my foot.  I have small feet but I weighed the shoe when we got back and  a single shoe size 13 weighs under a pound, which is far better then the same size in the Teva Cherry Bomb, Five Ten Water Tennie, Keen Gorge Boot,  or Five ten Guide Tennie. This shoe should fit in most river running and creek boats for most folks with regular sized clompers.  If you have big feet you may want to bring your boat in to test these shoes as the toe box is a bit wider and not as flexi as some booties.  Grippyness is Superb rock hoping on wet granite while taking a short break was easy.  Five ten rubber has always been the way to go for the best grip on wet rocks & granite but the large flat surface area on this shoe adds to the traction.  I think this shoe is an improvement on the Brewer in several ways: the slightly higher top will help keep the shoe firmly on the foot  & also less sand should be able to get into the shoe since they removed the large drain hole from the back of the shoe and with its higher top.   The drain holes are small and in the middle of the shoe allowing decent drainage without the huge inundation of sand that my brewers were prone to.  Sand is more of a comfort issue in the summer months but I found myself having issues with my drysuit booties wearing down with the brewers large drain hole.  The Rassler’s stitching also looks good, we haven’t had any issues with the brewer stitching and this looks just as bomber.  We will have to wait and see on the sturdiness of the adhesion of the five ten stealth rubber to the sole of the shoe but I am optimistic that this will hold out as we have had only a few issues with the brewer and it was in the first batch of shoes Astral seems to be having better success on this front then Five ten.

So I would give this shoe a 3 thumbs up, definitely a solid choice for your grippy hard water shoe, and for those lucky enough to have little feets this shoe may even fit in your playboat.  Been looking for something this good since the Five Ten Nemo from the early 2000’s the water tennie from five ten came close and so does this shoe.  High marks for Astral in my book.