Bellyaking… Lay on your belly, paddle with your webbed hands, and Run the Rapids, it’s that simple!

No roll required these kayaks are similar to a sit on top boat, you can ride on your belly, knees or bum and paddle with your arms.  Yes you will end up swimming while you get the hang of catching eddies and surfing, but it is super easy to clamber back on.

Bellyak… What it looks and feels like to bellyak in the South East


“A Bellyak is a quick and easy way to get on the water, explore and play! Low risk + high reward = big fun for everyone. Longer than a riverboard, more stout than a surfboard and shapelier than a standard SUP, a Bellyak is a boat designed to be ridden lying down, without restricting straps or a confining spray skirt. Think of it as a belly-on-top instead of a-sit-on-top!”


This new white water technology comes in two designs. The Frequency is their river runner, while if freestyle is where your heart lies then The Play is the craft for you.



The Frequency Key Features:

  • Stable: Efficient hull design allows for ease of paddling in all conditions.
  • Comfortable: Ergonomic body cavity and contoured deck area offer excellent
 contact with the boat, whether prone, seated or kneeling.
  • Built in Handholds: Allow for control and easy to remounting. Custom designed by Bellyak.
  • Built in Toe Braces: Gives great contact with the boat and allows for more
aggressive paddling.
  • Large Storage Hatch: Custom designed watertight hatch gives plenty of space to carry what you need. Custom molded drop in bowl allows for easy access to camera and other small items.
  • Self Bailing:  Integrated chest and stern drains allow boat to self-bail in all conditions.

The Play Key Features img_1894_web

  • Planing Hull: Defined chines allow easy spinning, loose surfing and unlimited down river play.
  • Rocker: Lots of rocker in bow and stern allow for dynamic surfing in river or ocean.
  • Low volume Stern: For playing on eddylines and blasting holes…allows for squirt maneuvers in the seated position.
  • Shorter Length: Allows for use of feet to rudder while surfing.
  • Contoured Deck Area: Allows for maximum control while surfing as well as easy resurfacing after drops.

“Designed with a planing hull, much like a kayak, Bellyaks cut through the water, while holding the rider above the water, providing a responsive ride and good maneuverability. Bellyaks are approximately 8 feet long and 24 inches wide, with a stable and secure riding area. Weighing in at approximately 30 pounds, they are easy to transport to your favorite beach, river or lake.”