Calm Water Kayaking

Calm water Kayaks can be split into 2 main groups Recreational Kayaking & Ocean/Touring Kayaking with a sub group of fishing to either.  Kayak Fishing can encompass both types of paddling listed below, boats may have additional features for rod holders, and gear storage.   Here is a good breakdown of things to think about when you are looking at Calm water kayaking to help you determine what direction you would like to go.

Recreational Kayaking

  • You enjoy short half to full day trips
  • You enjoy adventure but on smaller bodies of water that are protected from current, waves & high winds.
  • You love the manuverability of a little boat for easy turning
  • You like to explore shorelines and prefer to not get too far out into open bodies of water.

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Ocean & Touring Kayaking:

  • You enjoy longer day to multi-day outings
  • You enjoy the adventure of exploring larger bodies of water where you could be out in a large array of conditions.
  • You enjoy exploring the coastline where tides & currents can come into effect.
  • You like the ability to go longer distances and don’t mind a longer boat because it gives you more speed with less effort.
  • You enjoy paddling year round.

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NOT SURE YET??? No worries you can always test it out by taking a class to determine what you like.  Current Adventures offers classes so that you can test out boats, and learn basic skills giving you a feel for what you might like.