Dagger Jitsu Paddler Review

Quick Look at a Sweet NEW Design from Dagger Kayaks – The Jitsu 5.9

It has been quite a few years since Dagger came out with a new play boat. But the wait is over, and the paddling scene is lucky to have a new sporty design to add to the repertoire. The Medium 5.9 Jitsu is about two inches shorter, an inch wider and has seven more gallons than its predecessor, the Agent 6.2.  This kayak just looks active, and once on the wave, I realized how true that was.



Not only is the design of this boat completely different than that of Daggers previous play boat but it boasts probably one of the most comfortable outfitting set-ups on the market. Their new Contour Ergo-Outfitting not only has a sweet aesthetic look, but its functionality is top notch. Now with extremely adjustable outfitting for hips and seat placement they added the new leg lifter; complete with a ratchet between your thighs to lift the front of the seat. This brings your knees up into the thigh hooks for a solid contact point, keeping you one with your boat and making those aggressive moves snappier. Also relieving stress on your hip flexors, keeping you in your boat longer!


Due to this new design and the Contour Ergo-outfitting the boat is noticeably easier to throw around. The edge to edge transfer is much more smooth and a whole lot less catchy. The added volume also helps with extra pop out of the wave or for easier down river progress; making it easier to cut across eddie lines and stay above the boils. This is an added bonus in the day and age we are in where it is getting increasingly difficult to find a play boat that is equally capable of running the river. Thus, making this a great boat for both beginners and pro’s alike!


If this boats sounds like fun to you, then come on down to The River Store and take her out for a spin! We have all sizes available for Demo or to buy… See you soon!