DryGear… Getting it DRY

Well it’s the best time of the year to check your gear and get it Waterproofed up for the upcoming cool season.  With Temperatures still in the 90’s you may not need you top or suit for a couple of weeks yet…  SO now is the time to get the gaskets updated, get the water testing taken care of, clean, and Revivex your gear.
Here are some Tips and Services we offer to help keep your gear up to spec and you warm.

Problem: Top seems to be water proof, but I get a lot of waterlarge_36240_ga_rvx_waterproofingsoak_8oz_eml weight in the fabric, water is no longer beading up off the fabric.  This then causes more evaporative cooling on my exterior making it harder to stay warm.

FIX: Use the Revivex Waterproofing Soak.  This is a New formula designed to be more environmentally friendly at the same time as restoring your gear 8 X the performance. Make that water Bead! Video

Problem: My top is Waterproof, but I feel like the breathability isn’tlarge_36296_ga_rvx_syntheticfabriccleanerconcentrate_12oz working well, still sweating a lot inside…

Fix: Try washing your Top or Suit with Revivex Synthetic Fabric Cleaner. Gortex and other breathable layers work by having a porous breathable membrane if the pores on this get clogged with sunscreen, dirt, sand etc… They don’t allow the top to breath.  The Synthetic Fabric Cleaner is gentle on the fabric while removing the guck.   Video

Problem: Gaskets are torn.

FIX: We can fix most gaskets here at the shop turn around time is about 1 week… a rush option can be arranged.  We work regularly on  Kokatat, IR, OS systems, NRS, or Stohlquist on Neck, Wrists, Ankles or Latex Feet.   If you have a Palm, Level Six, Lotus, or other top you may want to check with us on repair options, usually we can do the wrists and ankles, we may be able to do the neck it depends on the diameter of the neck gasket.

Problem: Suit or Top seams to leak and I can’t figure out why, gaskets are intact…

FIX: We can send the gear back to be water tested, the following companies have a repair department that can water test and fix its suits: Kokatat, IR, Stohlquist. Turn around time 2.5-3 weeks.

Problem: Need new Gortex socks on my suit.

FIX: we can send it to the manufacturer for you to get new socks put on Turn around time about 2.5 weeks.

Problem: My New Gasket is TOO tight what can I do?


  • You can try stretching it out on a form (Coffee can, big jug, ball something that will help stretch out the latex) Video
  • You can also add 303 or Seal Saver to the area which will help soften the gasket so that it is more pliable and then stretch it out.
  • Trim it:  Fit it snuggly around a coffee can or larger diameter form.  Use a NEW razor and cut along one of the rings on the neck gasket in one clean motion.  Video