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Lendal is known for its four piece paddle that is amazingly strong and light, yet has the feel and rigidness of a one piece, made possible by Lendal’s patented Paddlok® technology. The four piece paddle is paramount when traveling or when transportation and storage is limited. Lendal has a full offering of kayak paddles suited to any condition or level of paddler from kids to adults. Whether fishing or paddling coastal waters, running slot canyons or white water rapids, surfing large rivers or the open ocean, Lendal North America has a paddle for you.


Lendal’s Switchlok Ferrule system gives paddlers the ability to adjust the feather angle of their paddle. Standard on our touring paddles is a 0°- 60° Right Hand Control feather option. This system is designed with a quicklok setting at 0°. With the use of the patented Paddlok® expanding button the paddle can be feathered at any increment up to 60°

Spigots: locksystem(lock system)

Our patented Paddlok system gives Lendal four-piece paddles a one-piece feel, with the versatility and convenience of separate shaft and blade components when it matters. Once the Paddlok button is tightened with the Paddlok key, the joint between each piece is locked into place. Storage is simple. Travel is painless. And maintenance is effortless—trapped grit won’t grind the joint, prolonging the life of the paddle. Repairs can be made with nothing more than the Paddlok key. How revolutionary is that?
Blade Design: opblade

As Neil Baxter, the designer of the Kinetik and long-time Lendal associate states: “Even at the same weight, a foiled foam-filled blade will feel lighter on the water due to its buoyancy. They feel smoother while transitioning between strokes, locate better for rolls and braces, and have excellent stiffness.” One thing we didn’t mess with: the Kinetik’s proven, power face geometry The XRANGE has it. And then some. XRANGE blades also feature an industry-unique feature: not only does the spigot have a precision-machined fit into the shaft opening, but the shaft end seats into a groove at the base of the blade spigot. There’s an outer lip that overlaps the shaft end, which eliminates the rubber gasket and greatly increases hoop strength. Stronger, lighter, more elegant appearance and, simply put, better engineering.
Lendal is known for selling its shafts and blades separately so that you can customize the paddle your exact needs.

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