Lendal Shaft Option

qrsQRS Shafts:

New for 2013 is the Quick Return Shaft (QRS) complementing the more traditional Lendal Straight Shaft (STR) and the Modified Crank Shaft (MCS). The QRS brings a more defined and specific hand placement for ultimate control in surf and whitewater conditions. By bringing the hands closer to the blades the QRS allows a wider grip width.


QRS Shaft can be ordered with Whitewater Blades only


mcsMCS Shafts

The modified crank shaft was originally developed for flat water racing, where long distances (50 to 100plus) miles are common.  Racers looked to every advantage they could to maximize stroke efficiency.  The power of a stroke occurs when the paddle is forward of the paddler and lasts until the paddle is beside the paddler. A MCS shaft helps the paddle blade to etch a much flatter sweep through the water, especially forward of the paddler, and continue it for a longer period.  A paddler will also achieve a more effective shift of energy and a cleaner, less resistant upturn at the end of the stroke.

MCS shafts can be ordered with Touring Blades only

Straight Shaft straight

The Lendal straight shaft has been engineered for superior strength and stiffness yet it maintains a surprisingly light swing weight.  Nothing is ever compromised.

There are many advantages to a straight shaft. If you reposition your hands often, whether to only lessen the strains from gripping too tight, moving closer to the blades for more leverage or because you are bracing, a straight shaft is the clear choice.  No matter where your hands are on a straight shaft the feel and comfort will be there with little or no action or thought.  If your preference is white water, rough or chaotic water and you are not paddling great distances then choose the Lendal straight shaft.

Straight Shaft can be ordered with Whitewater or Touring Blades