Paddler Sun Mitts! Protect Your Hands From Sun or Cold!

Sun Mitts

Protect your hands from sun or cold!!

sun mitts, sun paws, the river store, sun protection The skin on the back of your hands is thin and sensitive. Protect your hands from the Summer sun or Winter cold with Sun Mitts! Don’t sacrifice your paddle grip with slippery sunscreen or mittens, Sun Mitts will protect your skin and allow for an awesome grip.

sun mitts, sun protection, the river store




sun paws, the river store The open hand cut keeps hands from getting too warm in summer months, while giving you maximum sun protection with minimal restriction. For cooler paddling days they provide light hand warmth and protection against the cold air movement over the sensitive back of and other hand surfaces while allowing you the benefit of hand to paddle contact.

Quality Craftsmanship

Sun Mitts have been made exclusively for The River Store for over 20 years. They’re made with quality neoprene fabric for a simple and comfortable design. Currently they’re produced right here by our local gal Gigi McBee. You can feel good about where this product comes from and know that your business is supporting the local community.


Sizing and Fit for Sun Mitts

sun mitts, the river store

Sizes range from XS-XL


Slip 2-4 fingers (depending upon comfort) through loops on Sun Mitts. Wrap tabs around wrist and secure with the Velcro.



Sun Mitts are lightweight and easy to carry in your pfd pocket. Every paddler should keep a pair of  these in their everyday paddling kit!

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