Stand up Paddling is one of the newest sports on the spectrum of paddling sports.  This sport has exploded in the last few years there are so many types of boards, ways to paddle I am just going to give a quick run down.  SUP’s are Long boards that you stand on which are propelled by your core body muscles using a long single bladed paddle.

Calm Water SUPing

Whether it is to go on a core busting exercise mission, a scenic jaunt around a lake, fishing or on a over night you will be on a longer board.  These boards are longer designed to go distances, there are variations on length, composition, and hull design.   The hull design can be long and slender providing less stability but a faster craft, or designed wider for stability or shorter for maneuvering.  They can be built of foam, plastic, pvc (inflatable) or composite materials.

Ocean Surf SUPing

Boards are designed specifically for catching waves out in the ocean surf

Whitewater SUPing

Boards are designed to be maneuverable on the river so they are shorter and wider.   You will find boards that are inflatable, composite or hard plastic.  We currently carry Imagine Surf boards because they are super durable, turn well, and are amazingly stable in whitewater.  These boards have a slot on the bottom, that can hold a fin for tracking or can hold a wheel to roll them down to the water edge.   See more about imagine boards here