Sweet Tie Down Accessories from Seattle Sports

– Two Sweet Items from Seattle Sports –

Lashmates Supersuk

IMG_1278These handy little Super Suction Cups are extremely useful for tying down your smooth-finished kayaks, Stand-up Paddle boards or other gear. These are exceptionally easy to use; it’s as simple as set and flip the switch.








Another diverse option is to use them while paddling. If you want your dry bag close to you without having it inside your kayak or SUP board you can latch it somewhere convenient for you.


Sherpak Quick Loop

Simply open your hood or trunk, position the loop where you want it (so the web loop end emerges through the gaps) and close. The Quick Loop locks in place with the pressure, providing a quick, easy loop to lash your straps to. These are excellent for both bow and stern lines for any craft you may secure to the roof.


03-Quick-Loops-01-Detail 03-Quick-Loops-06-Detail









Come on by the river store to try them out and get a set of your own!