8 Ways to Save $$$ buying a Kayak

The River Store offers a few different programs to get into whitewater kayaking while saving you some $$.

  • Instructional Savings: Take an RK 1-3 whitewater kayaking class with Current Adventures and save $200 on a new boat. Click here for details
  • Buy a new boat at the regular retail price & get a FREE 2-day group whitewater class in the RK 1-3 series from Current Adventures.
  • Pre-order a 2016 kayak on our preseason orders and receive 10% back in store credit.  Hurry the last order is coming up!
  • Layaway is an Option! Set up a Payment Plan… this may not get you a discount but may fit your budget much better.
  • Join our Buyers Club & get Deals on our Larger orders!
  • Join our Demo Program at whatever level $49-$150 & get the money you put into the program back towards a new kayak purchase.
  • Don’t see the deal you want, ASK US… it can’t hurt.  We realize there is a lot of competition on-line we’ll do our best to work with your budget, payment needs and see if we can find a deal that will work for you.

Contact us for further information gigi@theriverstore.com or 530 626 3435

These programs are for any new kayak, whitewater, touring, rafts, catarafts and stand-up Boards.