Paddling Partners

Kayak Demo Program

Important notice:

Kayak Demos are subject to availability

Reservations are strongly recommended for each kayak Demo

Reservations can be made up to but no more than one week in advance via phone (530-626-3435) or e-mail:

The demo program is a way for people who are in the market to buy a kayak, inflatable kayak, or raft to test out what is available. Members receive multiple benefits in the form of discounts, demos, and other perks. These programs allow for a portion of the Paddling Partner Membership fee to be used towards the purchase of a new boat. We encourage you to support your local businesses and we hope this can serve as an added incentive.

Check the flows before you go!

Chili Bar Dream Flows Guage

Chili Bar Dream Flows Release Schedule

We now offer 2 Paddle Partner Program options:

*The program entitles the participant who signs up for the demo program use of boats and gear, programs are not shared or split up, no more than ONE boat goes out at a time under a single demo program.*

Basic Paddle Partner plan: $100 for 4 demos

  • Includes the boat, float bags, and any needed outfitting foam
  • All other gear will be rented separately
  • You can apply  $50 towards the purchase of a NEW boat within the same calendar year you purchase the program. This credit may not be used with any other discount and may only be applied to a boat purchase at the full retail price.
  • Access to the pool to practice rolling in a calm, private setting (subject to pool availability and/or maintenance days, see below) 
  • This program DOES NOT include the demo of a raft


Paddle Partner Elite Program/Rewards program $300 for 10+ demos with a max of 2 demos of any individual boat

  • Includes boat, float bags, and any needed outfitting foam. As well as the use of full equipment (PFD, Helmet, Skirt, Paddle) max of 3 times within the calendar year you purchased the program (normally a $45 rental)
  • 10+ means that you can demo up to 10 times. When you reach 10, if you are still unsure of which boat you want/still need a few more boat demos to narrow it down then you can renew the program for another 4 days or 10 days for the price of the Basic Paddle Partner Program. 
  • You can apply $150 towards the purchase of a NEW boat within the same calendar year you purchase the program. This credit may not be used with any other discount and may only be applied to a boat purchased at the full retail price. 
  • Access to the pool to practice rolling in a calm, private setting (Subject to pool availability and/or maintenance days, see below)
  • Elite members are eligible for use of boats OFF South Fork at 15% off regular rental fee, permission must be obtained to do this.
  • This package also entitles members to 15% off any other rentals during the year, including drysuit rentals

    Kayak Demo Season is February – December. If you sign up before September 1st then your program will expire on December 31 of that same year. If you sign up after September 1st then your program will expire December 31st of the following year (You get a few extra months at no extra charge!)

Kayak Rolling Practice Pool

**Pool is currently OPEN**

  • You MUST be signed up for either demo program to have access to our pool
  • You MUST check in briefly with River Store Staff prior to entering the pool area
  • 2 adults must be present at all times
  • Access is only available when the pool is empty.  Any and all Current Adventures classes have priority in the pool, please be respectful of this
  • Please! This pool privilege is NOT meant for anyone to be teaching Kayak rolling to others.  Your rights to use the pool can and will be rescinded for this or any reason deemed appropriate by River Store staff
  • Staff is not required to be at the pool while it is being used so please be responsible

Signing up is easy and will only take 5 min of your time at the shop in the morning before your trip.

The sign-up fee places you in the Paddling Partners Program which is a club membership that allows you access to the boats, rolling pool, rewards program, and puts you on our Partners mailing list so that you are first to hear of promotions, deals, and events sponsored by the shop.

When you purchase a new boat from the River Store, you get back part of the Membership Fee you paid!

To Sign-Up, drop in at the store and fill out our Paddling Partners Agreement and Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk Form.  We will store this paperwork for the season (sign up once and done for the whole season :o) !) From then on you can call or e-mail us to reserve a boat for any day we are open. Our Demo Boats/Boards are only available for use on the South Fork of the American River between Chili Bar & Salmon Falls. For use above Chili Bar or off of the South Fork American River, boats can be rented for a separate fee.

Kayaks for rent off S. Fork American

If you would like to test out one of our boats on another segment of the river, we do have kayaks for rent available.  (WE OFTEN GET ASKED: why we don’t have kayaks for rent? The answer: it is illegal on the South Fork American River between Chilibar and Salmon falls per an El Dorado County ordinance.  However, we do offer California Kayak Rentals they just need to be on any other segment of river or lake in the state.  IF you have questions about kayaks for rent including Touring boats which we do rent,  give us a shout at

Reservations are required as we have 40 whitewater demo kayaks with only doubles of certain models! We take reservations 1 week prior to use, contact us at 530 626 3435 or

2021 Demo Fleet

Play Boats

Pyranha Jed S, M, L

Soul Disco

River Runners that Play

Pyranha Ozone S, M, L

Soul F Bomb 

River Runners with Volume that Play

Dagger Axiom  9.0

Dagger Rewind S, M, L

Pyranha Ripper S, M, L

Soul 303

Soul Funky Monkey

River Runners that Creek

Dagger Mamba Creeker 7.6, 8.1, 8.6

Dagger Code S, M, L 

Dagger Phantom M

Pyranha 9R M

Pyranha 9R II M, L

Pyranha Burn III: S, M, L, XL

Pyranha Scorch S(coming soon!), M, L

Pyranha Scorch X(Coming soon!)

Soul Dancer 3 

Creek Boats

Pyranha Machno S, M, L

Dagger Nomad 8.2(S), 8.6(M), 9.0(L) 

Soul Chaos Monkey


Dagger: Green Boat 11.5 

Pyranha 12 R

Kids Boats 

Pyranha Rebel 

Dagger Rewind XS

Soul Mini Me

Soul Mini Monkey

Soul Angel 

Inflatable Kayaks & Rafts

The available quantity for our IK’s, raft, and paddle cat is limited. To secure your demo we strongly recommend calling/emailing 1 week in advance to place your reservation. During the peak of summer, we book up all inflatables almost every weekend.

Tributary Tomcat Solo IK (unavailable summer 2021)

Tributary Tomcat Tandem IK (unavailable summer 2021)

Tributary Tater (Unavailable summer 2021)

Tributary Spud – Great kid’s IK! 

AIRE Lynx Solo IK

AIRE Force Solo IK

Rocky Mountain Rafts Animas IK Solo 

Rocky Mountain Rafts Animas IK Tandem 

Rocky Mountain Rafts Taylor IK Single 

Rocky Mountain Rafts Taylor IK Tandem

Rocky Mountain Rafts Phat Cat(unavailable)

Rocky Mountain Rafts 14′ Self Bailing Raft

Stand Up River Boards:

Boardworks Riptide Inflatable

Boardworks Solr Inflatable

Paddling Partners Kayak Demo and Kayaks for rent(Off of the South Fork) include the boat use only all other gear is subject to rental fees.