2024 Used whitewater kayaks, inflatables and touring kayaks available for sale!

The current List of Used Whitewater Kayaks and Inflatables is updated as often as possible, typically when boats are sold or added to the list. Feel free to check in with us at the River Store by emailing info@TheRiverStore.com or calling during open hours at 530-626-3435.

All of the whitewater kayaks listed are available now unless stated otherwise but please call or email before coming in to check that it is at our store because updates are not always immediate.

You can email info@theriverstore.com for a reply all week or call us during store hours at 530-626-3435 . email is the best form of communication to get a quicker response during the week.

The used kayaks listed here are all whitewater kayaks or inflatable kayaks and are demos that can vary in condition from nearly new to very good condition. All our used kayaks are stored under a cover away from sun damage and are checked multiple times a season for loose or missing parts. Most have only ever been paddled on the South Fork American between Chili Bar Dam and Folsom Lake.

BoatSizeColorRetailUsed price cash or check only  
RipperSBlue Crush$1,699 Discontinued1100
RipperMOrange Soda$1,699 Discontinued1100
RipperLBlue Crush$1,699 Discontinued1100
Mamba 7.6aquafresh$1,599 - Code975
Mamba 7.6aquafresh$1,599 - Code975
9R II MBlue Crush$1,699 Discontinued1075
9R II LBlue Crush$1,699 Discontinued1075
Machno MRasta$1,699975
Older Kayaks
Dagger RedlineRed450
Dagger GradiantBlue/red/white450
Drago Rossi Fish 6'6"Blue500
Perception Arc200
Dagger ResponceBlue250
LL Jefe Hull no outfittingRed400
LL Remix 79Red775
Perception CorsicaSPink300
Perception PiroetteSRed300
Boardworks Muse Hard SUP Board650
Boardsworks SOLR Hard SUP Board700
RMR AnimasSolored 949650
RMR Taylor SoloOrange 699525
RMR Taylor Solo Orange 699525
Boardworks Solr Inflatable SUP949650
Boardworks RiptideInflatable SUP549450
RMR Phat Cat - repaired damage to one of the corner capsEvergreen16491150

If you would like to talk about shipping kayaks send us an email (info@theriverstore.com) with the subject line “Kayak shipping”, the prices for shipping kayaks have come down but it is still around $350-$500 depending on where it will be shipping to. Kayaking shipping is possible for United States shipping only, we cannot ship out of the country. If you have any questions about arranging a pick-up feel free to email us info@theriverstore.com

Not looking for whitewater kayaks, or maybe you want to see what we have for touring, recreational, or fishing kayaks? Click here to head over to our list of used touring kayaks! Many are almost brand new and have only been used for The Great American Triathlon!

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