Replenish & Recover: Self-care in the Whitewater World

You can charge hard, play for hours in the sun, and push your limits on the water. Kayaking can nourish the soul, work the body, and bring you closer to yourself. And like any passion, at the end of the day, it needs to be a sustainable practice. How you choose your paddling style and attitude is very personal, but there are simple building blocks you can work with to take care of the bases.

Your bottom line should be you body and mind; taking good care of your amazing machine and all of its Go-Go Gadgets can prevent burn out and injuries. For your body, offering it proper nourishment, dynamic movements, and therapy will keep stress from accumulating and its systems working at optimal efficiency. Products like a Thera cane can be purchased at The River Store to help you work though those pesky muscle knots to save your back and shoulders from injury. It is also very important to prioritize hydration, fueling, and stretching as well. On those busy, exciting river days, it is incredibly hard to remember to eat and drink enough water. The River Store has got you covered though! Pick up snacks to keep in your dry bag like Kate’s Real Food Bars and Cliff Bars as well as a The River Store Nalgene bottle to keep yourself happy and healthy on the river.

**We also recommend keeping at least one extra snack in your dry bag at all times as an emergency boost. An unexpected swim (not saying it was you…) or tricky portage can deplete your energy. Keep your eye on your own energy levels, or offer it to your sopping wet buddy.

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