Repair and Warranty

Gasket Repair

Currently, we offer Gasket Replacement on Drytops, Drysuits, & Drypants. Turn around time is generally 1 week.

  • Neck Gasket Repair: $69.50
  • Wrist Gasket Repair (each) : $39.50
  • Ankle Gasket Repair (each): $42.50
  • Sock (latex) Repair (each): $59.50

Note pricing above includes a kokatat gasket if your top needs a specific gasket pricing may vary.  Repair services without gaskets are as listed below:

  • Neck Repair no gasket: $53
  • Wrist Repair no gasket: $18.50
  • Ankle Repair no gasket: $23.00

We can do a variety of Manufacturers including Kokatat, Stohlquist, IR, Level Six, NRS etc… if you have an older top or are not sure whether we will be able to work on your top please e-mail us at Subject: Gaskets and we can check with Kristin who does our tops.
Doing the repair yourself? We can supply you with Gaskets and Glue

Shell Repair(ie.. your drytop, paddling jacket or drysuit)

– Many Shells out on the market today are made of multi-layered breathable fabric like Gore-Tex or eVent.  These fabrics often times can be patched, seam taped and repaired both on the outside and the inside of the garment.  The River Store makes sure to order products that are repairable.  Our current manufacturers (Kokatat, IR, & Stohlquist) offer full repairs at their facilities.  We would be happy to send in your shell to have it water tested and patched. The turn around time is generally 3-4 weeks so we recommend you send in your gear at the end of the season to have it repaired or send it in well in advance of when you need it. If you didn’t purchase one of the above mentioned manufacturers, we would be happy to contact the manufacturer of your shell and find out if repair is an option.

You can also try contacting Rainy Pass Repair. They are a Gore-Tex authorized repair facility based out of Seattle, WA . This means that all repairs and alterations on GORE-TEX® fabrics will be waterproof and maintain the warranty. They can work on many other types of waterproof breathable materials as well, such as eVent, HyVent, PolarTec and Schoeller fabrics. Along with repairing Gore-Tex, Rainy Pass is also  capable of repairing all your broken gear needs.                                                                                                                Rainy Pass Repair, Inc.
4415 Stone Way North
Seattle, WA 98103
888-RIP-STOP (747-7867) or 206-523-8135   


  • Leaking Seam on your Drysuit?  WE can send it back to the manufacturer to get water tested call us for details.
  • Other Repairs: We work with a great seemstress, Julia Purnell, who has worked in the outdoor industry for decades sewing up some of the best gear. Email us for more information on your repair needs and we can see if she is able to help!
  • Some manufacturers like Chaco, Kokatat, & Pelican Products also offer repairs on their merchandise please contact us for a quote.
    Warranty –

    We are a full service paddling shop.  If you have a problem with paddling gear from any of our vendors, bring it in.  We’ll look at it, and help determine if it’s normal wear and tear, or a warranty issue.  If it is a warranty issue, and you purchased the item through us, we would be happy to make the calls for you.   Often we are able to contact the manufacturer with fewer hassles since we deal with each of them on a regular basis.  Most Manufacturers will need to determine for themselves whether the item is under warranty depending on what is determined shipping costs maybe your responsibility. Items not purchased at the River Store may be subject to a shipping & handling fees.   We will ask the manufacturer to reimburse us for our time and shipping expenses that are incurred during the warranty process and these moneys will be reimbursed to you.  We are sorry for this inconvenience but with the warranties & repairs sent out from the store in 2009 we came out at a loss in this area.   We do have all the contact info for all of our vendors & would be happy to point you in the right direction if you would like to pursuit a warranty on a item not purchased with us.

Storage & Gear Maintenance information:

Kokatat Warranty

Kokatat Gear Care

Pelican Products Guarantee

Chaco Warranty

Chaco Repairs

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