Best Kayak Rack Choices

Kayak_racks_Header_April2016Quick Tips to Choose a Kayak Rack to fit your Touring or whitewater needs!

  • J-Hooks or stackers allow for racking boats on their sides. They require the most boat lifting and are therefore best for short cars or narrow racks. They work for longer boats as well, especially when you need more space on narrow racks for other boats, bikes, etc. $
  • Glide & Set System from Thule or other kayak saddle systems are simple, efficient, fairly easy to load and conform to the hull of the boat for long life of the boat.  Best for Cars with roof racks that reach near the back of the vehicle, including tall vehicles, and allow for easily sliding boats on from the rear. $
  • The shock assisted Hullavator from Thule is the best for smaller paddlers, heavier boats (particularly sit on tops), taller vehicles and larger budgets. $$$
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