River Flows & Predictions




This page is mean as a source for links to helpful information to figure out what might be flowing when and where.  It is also a site for inspiration not all flows found here are guarenteed some are just predictions.  Enjoy!

CALIFORNIA  Dreamflows site in REAL TIME

Link to BOOF.COM – discussion local California Boater Forum

NOAH River Forcastes for American, Yuba, Cosumnes Drainages  Check these links if there is Rain in the forcaste, it is only a prediction but can give you some idea of what flows may be looking at on rivers near you.

South Fork American (Placerville)unofficial_zoom0

South Fork American (Kyburz)

Middle Fork American (Foresthill)

North Fork American (Clementine DAM)

Middle Cosumnes (Sommerset)

North Fork Cosumnes (El Dorado)

South Fork Yuba (Jones Bar)

Middle Fork Yuba (Our House Dam)

North Fork Yuba (Good Years Bar)

OTHER POINTS OF PREDICTION FOR THE STATE (NORTH & SOUTH) This includes stuff as far north as the Cal Salmon down to the San Joachin.  Scroll over map, click on point of interest it will give you the current prediction.

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