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Rafting and Inflatable Kayak supplies

The River Store is a long time dealer for many of the premiere brands in the inflatable kayak and rafting equipment industry.
Buy from Stock or Order your new raft, Inflatable kayak or Rafting equipment through us for great deals and special discounts!

Demo a raft, cataraft or IK (must meet our minimum qualifications for experience) and work with our expert staff to help determine the craft that best suits your needs! Gigi and the rest of the River Store¬† staff¬† have many years of experience with commercial and private rafting as …

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Looking forward to paddling in 2015? Me too and the gear keeps getting better and better, from some popular items that have been redesigned to some innovative ideas that may revolutionize our paddling wardrobe here is The River Stores take on some of our favorite 2015 gear items.

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A high percentage of boaters today will go their entire boating career without ever seeing or being included in a serious rescue scenario. But this fact should not deter you from being ready for such an occasion. This blog will be more kayak specific, but many, if not all of these pieces of gear would be beneficial to a rafter, canoeist or anyone else out there running whitewater rivers.
Throw Bags

This item is going to be the most used and important piece of your Rescue Kit. This will be your first …

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New for 2015 a creek boat designed to river run, we look forward to checking out this new boat in the spring. Full Specs and Special Deal listed!

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Polaris 180 T  New for 2015

New 2015 Tandem Sit inside Kayak, redesigned with more room! Check out spec here.

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Tarpon 135 Tandem

Tarpon 135T coming May 2015, Fast, Comfortable and set up for two! Check out specs and more here.