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Dagger Axiom – Paddler Review

The Dagger Axiom


Dagger came out with the Axiom just a few short years ago and it has already become an extremely successful and popular design. That was a gamble Dagger was willing to take. It replaced the RPM, which was the best selling kayak ever made. This design is both subtle enough for beginners and responsive enough for the seasoned pro. It even boasts FOUR sizes! Ranging in sizes small enough for kids to large enough for your biggest buddy.
     If you feel as though the stretch of river …

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Summers END sale Aug 21-Sept 1

End of Summer Sale…. Yep but there are still weeks and weeks of water for you to enjoy YOU just need the RIGHT gear :O) We are moving our boats, pfd’s, rafts, IK’s, Helmets, Shoes, Cameras and MORE… Sale dates Aug 21-Sept 1

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Nano Review

Pyranha Nano – Paddler Review
By: Pete Delosa

I have paddled the Nano only a couple times, but the thing that I really notice is how easy it is. I am in a kayak 4 or 5 days out of the week and rarely in the same kayak two days in a row. Even paddling as often as I do there is almost always some sort of adjustment period when changing boats. It may only be a couple strokes but I can tell the difference when I go from a freestyle boat to a creek …

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What to look for when buying a kayak new or used.

Tips to buying a boat new or used.

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Rescue Life Jackets “Whats so Awesome about them?”

So safety on the water is super important and you would be hard pressed to decide what piece of your gear was the most important … PFD (lifejacket), Helmet, Shoes…. and I won’t argue, all are important.  However if you are going to have an IMPORTANT part of gear why not get the most out of it! PFD’s come in different classes, I won’t go into all the classifications (here is a link if you are curious), for whitewater there are basically two classes to consider, Type 3 and Type …

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There are so many options out there when it comes to kayaks. Even within one catagory “Calm Water” you still have almost every length, width, type of stability to pick from,  not to mention cockpit sizes, hatches and accessories … It can be a bit boggling to figure out what you actually need.

Here are some helpful tips to figuring out what boat is going to be the best for your activities.

Generally lighter weight
Generally they are under 12′ long because they are designed to turn easily and go shorter distances.
Generally …