Used Whitewater Kayaks

Current List of Used Whitewater Kayaks and Inflatables

All of the whitewater kayaks listed are available now unless stated otherwise but please call or email before coming in to check that it is at our store.

Updated 09/04/2023

You can email for a reply all week or call us during store hours at 530-626-3435

The used kayaks listed here are all whitewater kayaks or inflatable kayaks and are demos that can vary in condition from nearly new to very good condition.

All our used kayaks are stored under a cover away from sun damage and are checked multiple times a season for loose or missing parts. Most have only ever been paddled on the South Fork American between Chili Bar Dam and Folsom Lake.

Used whitewater kayaks – River Store and Current Adventures Kayak School

Kayak brandModel/sizecolorUsed price

Dagger                                  Code/Med                          Aurora (Pink/grey/teal)                $1075

Dagger                                  Code/med                          Aurora                                                  $1075 ( sold)

Dagger                                  Code/med                          Aurora                                                  $1075

Dagger                                  Code/sm                             Aquafresh                                           $1075

Dagger                                  Code/sm                             Aquafresh                                           $1075

Dagger                                  Code/sm                             Aquafresh                                           $1075

Dagger                                  Code/lg                                red                                                         $1075

Dagger                                  Code/lg                                red                                                         $1075

Dagger                                  Gradient                              red/blue/white                                $300

Dagger                                  Mamba 7.6                         Aquafresh                                           $975

Dagger                                  Mamba 7.6                         Aquafresh                                           $975

Dagger                                  Mamba 8.1                         Red                                                        $975

Dagger                                  Phantom                             Aquafresh                                           $975

Dagger                                  Response                            Blue                                                       $300

Dagger                                  Rewind/xs                          Aquafresh                                           $600

Dagger                                  Rewind/med                     Aquafresh                                           $975

Dagger                                  Rewind/lg                           Red                                                        1075

Dagger                                  Rewind xs                           Aquafresh                                           $550

Dagger                                  Jitsu                                       orange/grey                                       $300 ( sold)

Pyranha                               Burn /sm                             red/white/black                               $975 ( sold)

Pyranha                               Burn /sm                             Rasta                                                     $975                                      

Pyranha                               Burn/Med                           orange/red                                         $975

Pyranha                               Burn / Lg                              blue/blue                                            $975

Pyranha                               Burn/lg                                 blue/blue                                            $975

Pyranha                               Burn /lg                                blue/pink/green                              $975

Pyranha                               Burn / lg                               orange                                                  $975

Pyranha                               Burn / XL                              blue/blue                                            $975

Pyranha                               Machno /md                      red/white/black                               $975

Pyranha                               Machno /sm                      Blue/blue                                            $975

Pyranha                               Machno /md                      Rasta                                                     $975

Pyranha                               Machno /lg                         Smoking Gecko                                 $975

Pyranha                               Jed /md                               orange/red                                         $700

Pyranha                               Jed/sm                                 red/white/black                               $700

Pyranha                               Ripper/lg                             blue/blue                                            $975

Pyranha                               9R/lg                                      blue/blue                                            $975

Soul                                       Mini Monkey                     blue                                                       $200

Soul                                       Mini Me                               blue                                                       $200

Soul                                       Chaos Monkey                  yellow                                                   $400

Soul                                       303                                         red                                                         $400

Soul                                       Funky Monkey                  red                                                         $400

Soul                                       F-Bomb                                orange/yellow                                  $400

Soul                                       Dancer 3                              blue                                                       $300

Liquid Logic                         Remix 79                              red                                                         $500

Perception                          AMP                                      red                                                         $300

Wave Sport                        EZ                                           red/black                                             $300

Drago Rossi                         Fish                                        Blue                                                       $300

Perception                          Pirouette S                         red                                                         $250 ( sold)

Due to rising shipping costs, we are no longer able to offer the option to ship kayaks across the country or between California border states. The average cost to ship a kayak is now around $500. If you have any questions about arranging a pick-up feel free to email us

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