Build your paddling skills or take a trip with Current Adventures

Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips specializes in the highest quality instruction and trip leading in whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking and lake touring in the Sacramento, San Francisco, Monterey and Sierra Nevada Mountain areas as well as trip leading in the Western United States and abroad. Our focus also includes instructor training and classes for kids.

* River Kayaking – Current Adventures’ whitewater program is where paddlers send their friends to learn!  Our River Basics program helps beginners develop the foundation and skills necessary for continuing on your own with the exciting sport of river kayaking. Our more advanced classes help paddlers develop and refine their technique.
• River Kayaking 1
• River Kayaking 2
• River Kayaking 3
• Fast Track
• Rapid Decents
• Private/Custom Group
• Roll Sessions
• Specialty Clinics and Races
• Safety Rescue Classes
• Surf Kayaking
• River Trips

* Sea Kayaking – Bring your family and friends for fun-filled times on the water. Everyone has a good time learning and exploring where only a kayak (and our guides) can take you!
• Sea Kayaking 1
• Sea Kayaking 2
• Sea Kayaking 3
• Quick Start
• Private/Custom Group
• Roll Classes
• Safety Rescue Classes
• Surf Kayaking
• Sea Kayaking Trips

* Kid’s Kayaking – Kids and teens love kayaking and they take to it almost instantly. So our kid’s/teens program is a great way to harness some of their boundless energy. We use equipment specifically designed for young people, with fun & water safety as our primary goals.
• Kid’s Ages 8 – 10
• Juniors 11 – 14
• Family and Custom Group

* Calm Water Eco-Tours – From the San Francisco Bay’s incredible wonder of converging forces of nature to the National Marine Sanctuary in Monterey Bay to Sacramento’s best lakes, nature preserves and the beautiful American River to the pine scented mountain lakes of the high Sierra, Current Adventures’ guides will share with you the natural delights of these watery wonderlands.

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