Dagger Axiom – Paddler Review

The Dagger Axiom



Dagger came out with the Axiom just a few short years ago and it has already become an extremely successful and popular design. That was a gamble Dagger was willing to take. It replaced the RPM, which was the best selling kayak ever made. This design is both subtle enough for beginners and responsive enough for the seasoned pro. It even boasts FOUR sizes! Ranging in sizes small enough for kids to large enough for your biggest buddy.

     If you feel as though the stretch of river you have is getting a bit dull in your river runner, try hoppin’ into this boat and go for a spin. First thing I noticed was the speed and acceleration. Once you have peeled out of the eddie the Axiom holds its line incredibly well but also changes its direction quite easily with a well executed sweep or draw stroke. Catching eddies with this boat is pure joy. Its chines and planning hull provide snappiness to your eddie turns and the low volume stern helps this boat change direction on a dime. I could see this boat being an excellent slalom or even surf boat. The quick and smooth transitions between currents are what proved to be the most fun and was probably one of my favorite aspects of paddling the Axiom.


     Although it looks like there is no rocker, this boat is still sporty enough to keep its bow up to keep you going while punching waves and punching holes. It also boofs surprisingly well if you are being aggressive. An additional perk of this boat is the ability to surf those glassy green waves that modern play boats wouldn’t even dream of catching. Once on the wave, sit back and enjoy carving back and forth across the face of the wave until your cheeks hurt from smiling. And if you are a stud (or stud-ette) looking to spice up surfing your local hole, you will be surprised at the Axiom’s ability to cartwheel with ease and control. It even side surf’s pretty well, just make sure not to drop your edge too far or Mr. Snappy will be right there waiting ;0)


     Oh and how could I forget! This boat will be your best friend when it comes to stern squirts. Coming in or out of eddies, just drop that edge, throw her back and enjoy your views of the sky.


   All in all I found this boat to be one of my absolute favorites for a diverse day on the South Fork of the American. Not only can it handle every move and line on the river with ease but can also take advantage of every play spot. It doesn’t matter if you are making quick race moves or just trying to step up your game, the Axiom will provide a fun day for you! Come on by The River Store to take out a demo or buy one for yourself!

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