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Dagger Axiom Whitewater Kayaks

The Axiom series from Dagger Kayaksaxiom, dagger kayak, kayaking, whitewater kayak

axiom, dagger, kayak, whitewater kayak, kayaking

is all business in the front, party in the back. Designed to be novice friendly but also reward dynamic paddling, the Axiom features lower volume in the rear of the kayak for outstanding surfing ability combined with increased bow volume for comfort and control.  The great fit and asymmetric volume make the Dagger Axiom one of the best whitewater kayaks  for use in both rivers and ocean surf kayaking. The narrow bow taper helps enhance hull speed and the low volume stern also give more performance in the form of snappier turns and good directional control on waves and in cross currents. Think of a slalom boat design and the Dagger Axiom brings a lot of similar performance features into play with a more user friendly base.
Looking for an easy rolling kayak? The Axiom series is one of those boats that wants to “fall” upright once you get your roll started, making it a great choice for learning, perfecting and trusting your river roll in.
The Axiom series was inspired by the best selling whitewater kayak ever – Dagger kayaks RPM. The Dagger Axiom has a somewhat harder chine for snappier turns and carves and the stern is a bit higher out of the water to help avoid unwanted engagement of the stern.
The Dagger Axiom 8.0 is  roomier in the cockpit and carries  more volume for small to mid-sized paddlers than the smallest kids size 6.9, but is still sized proportionately for a great fit for smaller folks.  The    Dagger Axiom 8.5 gets great marks with the Mid-to-large sized paddlers with more volume and deck height, but not overly roomy for the right fit. Having trouble fitting  long legs or big feet into a kayak? The Dagger Axiom 9.0 is the boat for you! Good foot room and comfortable leg/knee position for larger paddlers are 2 of the strong points of the Axiom 9.0.

Many folks are looking for a kayak that can do it all. Nothing really does that, but the  Axiom is certainly one of the best whitewater kayaks on the market for versatility, performance, comfortable fit and user friendly design. Can’t go wrong here!

Dagger Axiom Boat Specs:

Dagger Axiom 6.9

Length: 6′ 9″ / 206 cm
Width: 22.5″ / 57 cm
Deck Height: 10.5″ / 27 cm
Weight: 25 lbs. / 11 kg
Cockpit Length: 27.75″ / 71 cm
Cockpit Width: 17″ / 43 cm
Paddler Weight: 65-120 lbs. / 29-54 kg
Volume: 39 gal / 148 L

Dagger Axiom 8.0

Length: 8′ / 244 cm
Width: 24.5″ / 62 cm
Deck Height: 12″ / 30 cm
Weight: 36 lbs. / 16 kg
Cockpit Length: 34″ / 86 cm
Cockpit Width: 19″ / 48 cm
Paddler Weight: 90 – 150 lbs. / 41 – 68 kg
Volume: 51 gal / 193 L

Dagger Axiom 8.5

Length: 8′ 6″ / 259 cm
Width: 25.5″ / 65 cm
Deck Height: 13.5″ / 34 cm
Weight: 44 lbs. / 20kg
Cockpit Length: 34″ / 86 cm
Cockpit Width: 19″ / 48 cm
Paddler Weight: 130-210 lbs. / 59-95 kg
Volume: 63 gal / 238 L

Dagger Axiom 9.0

Length: 9′ / 274 cm
Width: 27.75″ / 69 cm
Deck Height: 14″ / 36 cm
Weight: 45 lbs. / 20 kg
Cockpit Length: 34″ / 86 cm
Cockpit Width: 19″ / 48 cm
Paddler Weight: 180-265 lbs. / 82-120 kg
Volume: 78 gal / 295 L

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