Rocky Mt Raft

What Makes A Rocky Mountain Raft Great…

Rocky Mountain Rafts are very high quality boats at unbeatable prices!

Some of the outstanding features include:
– ALL welded seams, handles, and D-rings
– NO GLUE with the exception of the top and bottom chafers.
– Commercial grade 44oz/2000-denier PVC; it’s our most durable boat for the most demanding rivers.

The River Store carries a variety of Rocky Mountain Rafts including the 9.5′, 10′, 12′, 13′, and 14′ Rafts as well as the Animas Single and Double IK.

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How are Rocky Mountain Rafts (RMR) different from other PVC rafts and why are they so inexpensive?

Answer: RMR rafts are very different and much better than most other PVC rafts available on the market today.  They OVERLAP and TRIPLE WELD our raft seams for the strongest seams available. We RF (radio frequency) weld all of our handles and D-rings and we use some of the strongest materials available for our handles, D-rings and floor lacing.  Almost all other PVC raft manufacturers (excluding Aire, Maravia, and Jack’s Plastics) glue their boats together. To quote Lee Arbach, owner of The Boat People and who has sold about every raft available and knows rafts better than most anyone we know, “The bottom line is that properly welded seams on PVC boats are stronger than cold-glued rubber boat seams, and far more durable than glued seams on PVC models.”

As for our low prices, RMR’s manufacture our boats at a very modern, high tech, factory in China.  This factory has the most modern and efficient equipment available today and it keeps their costs down.  RMR’s also source all of our high quality material from the same, large corporation that manufactures our boats eliminating the  middle man. At home, we are a lean, cost efficient operation.  Keeping our costs down so we can pass the savings along to our customers. RMR’s could easily charge hundreds of dollars more for their boats and still be well below our glued PVC competitors’ prices but that’s not RMR’s business philosophy. RMR’s mission is to provide the average income earner the opportunity to purchase a high quality raft with a great warranty at an affordable price.  And that is what they do!!

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