Sea/Ocean & Touring Kayaking

Sea/Ocean & Touring Kayaking is a large all encompassing area of the sport from shorter day trips across  high sierra lakes with stunning granite outcroppings to longer multi-day trips up the coast.   These boats are designed with some specific features to help navigate longer distances, deal with imperfect weather/water conditions, and still have stability & manuverability.

Here are some of the common features with these boats:

  • 14′-18′ + in length, this gives the boat enough hull speed to glide through the water with less effort. Longer the boat the more speed less effort ratio you get.
  • Width on the boats tends to be narrower (except for sit on tops) this reduces drag in the water helping the boats go faster
  • Smaller cockpit size that can be used with a skirt if desired.  The smaller cockpit gives you less space climbing into the boat but allows you the option to wear a skirt that won’t pop off (implode) when you flip allowing you to learn to roll if you so choose.
  • Most boats have 2 bulkheads (this is the foam wall in front of your feet or behind the seat keeps air trapped in the boat if you capsize).  This allows for semi-dry storage areas in the front and back of the boat and a boat that floats higher if you capsize allowing you to re-enter mid-lake.
  • Optional Rudder on many boats or Many offer Skegs to help control the boat under conditions where there is chop, current, waves or heavy wind.    Rudders give you directional steering controlled by your feet in addition to helping you set a angle and maintain it in rough conditions.   Skegs help you control your angle once you have set your direction by turning the boat with your paddle and edge.

Of course there is variability to this, some sea/touring kayaks are a hair shorter allowing you more steering, others may be wider giving greater stability to a larger paddler.   If you have further questions we are happy to help, feel free to shoot us a note at info@theriverstore, it helps to have your height and weight and any thoughts you have on where and what you would like to paddle.

Some boats in the Sea/Ocean Touring Kayak Category are:

Wilderness systems: Tsunami series 135, 140, 145, 160, 165 Zepher series: 155, 160 Tempest 165, 170

Wilderness Systems: Tarpon series, 140, 160  (Sit on Top)

Perception: Tribute 14, Carolina, 12, 14, 14.5, 16,  Expression 14.5, 15

Looking for a way to test these boats out?? Check out our classes with Current Adventures Kayak School.  Try the SKI or a trip to Loon Lake

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