Recreational Kayaking

Recreational Kayaking:

So you enjoy short trips, great manuverability, you want to stay on calm water which is protected from current and wind & you don’t mind being close to shore.

Boats in this category tend to have the following features:

  • 8-12 feet long,this allows them to be super mobile, allowing you to get in narrow  channels or turn easily around to check out the shore line or explore a cove.
  • Wide around 27.5″ to 31+” this makes the boat super stable
  • Larger cockpit size for easy entrance and access
  • Light weight (in general with the exception of sit on tops which are much heavier)
  • Generally zero to 1 Bulkhead (this is the foam wall infront of your feet or behind the seat keeps air trapped in the boat if you capsize).

Of course there is variability to this, some boats can handle mild current in class I to -II rivers, and some boats will have 2 bulkheads to allow for more storage and because of this can handle open water conditions.   If you have further questions we are happy to help, feel free to shoot us a note at info@theriverstore, it helps to have your height and weight and any thoughts you have on where and what you would like to paddle.

Some boats like this would be:

Perception Tribute 10, 12

Wilderness Systems Pamlico, Aspire 100, 104, Pungo 100, 120, 140

Wilderness Systems Tarpon (sit on top) 10, 12

Dagger Aproach 9, 10

Liquid Logic Remix Xp-9, XP-10

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