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New Whitewater  sprayskirts to fill the Void… Wildwasser skirts

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New to The River Store this season

are Wildwasser  spraydecks. Unfortunately, we were unable to continue to carry Skirtworks spray skirts this spring when the builders abruptly stopped building skirts due to family illness.  We were seriously at a loss to fill the niche of a bomber randed skirt, and we searched out various skirts to test and ultimately came out loving the Wildwasser products!   Like the Skirtworks & Mountain Surf skirts we have carried and loved in the past these new skirts have a contoured rand that runs around the cockpit rim, good quality neoprene, and a tight fit to the boat.  The curved nature of this rand helps you get the skirt around the lip securely as you pull it on leaving no gaps for water to enter.  Wildwasser skirts also have a reinforcing layer around the edge of the skirt of either a studier neoprene or of bullet proof Aramid for extra abrasion resistance.  We are excited to have a new brand of skirts in stock that have a well thought out fit, and details like shaped grab handles and implosion bar options on some skirts.   Check out our two in-stock favorites below.

Sprayskirt Wildwasser Randed Sprayskirt ELDO XT

The Eldo features a removable implosion bar, our tent shape design and 4 mm knit Aramid (aka Kevlar tm) around the cockpit rim. The tenacious rubber rand goes on easier then any other Aramid deck and stays on in the most demanding whitewater. All seams are taped, glued and stitched. Standard features include a grip-top tunnel and a tubed grabloop.The Eldo is the whitewater kayakers spraydeck of choice for extreme paddlers.


Sprayskirt, wildwasser, randed sprayskirt HIPSTER

The Hipster is a premier whitewater spray deck that all the while is stretchy and long wearing. The tent shaped design sheds water and eliminates those annoying puddles that form during playing, creeking or river running. We’ve worked hard on selecting the right combination of material to improve durability and to keep you dry. The Hipster has 4-mm Powertex edging neoprene for abrasion resistance and 4 mm double-sided in neoprene in the core section for stretch and warmth. All seams are taped, glued and stitched. Standard features include a tenacious rubber rand, grip top tunnel and a tubed grab loop.

Tech/Safety Tip: When choosing the correct skirt for your kayak, it is important that you try it on your kayak ( or one of ours that matches yours) and make sure that you have the strength and technique to get it safely on and off by yourself. Our staff is great at going beyond just checking out the “fit list” that manufacturers put out in the process of helping you find the right style and safe fit of your new skirt.  Don’t be afraid to ask for an assessment or to try your skirt choice on one of our boats right in the store if yours is not handy.

The River Store carries a wide range of styles and sizes of skirts from Snapdragon, Harmony, Langer and now, with a full selection of sizes in stock at the River store, come check out these new kayak spray skirts from Wildwasser!!

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