Wavesport Mobius Review

Wavesports Freestyle Machine

Wavesports new play boat, the Mobius, is a short, fast and forgiving boat that is a hit with new paddlers and pro’s alike. With three less inches and one more gallon than the Project X I expected this boat to be a bit sluggish, but was pleasantly surprised to find it the complete opposite.

To me, this boat seemed much faster on the wave and much easier to throw around. I contributed this to the fact that the boat has continuous rocker from bow to stern and it has a new chine that releases much easier on the stern. Also your legs are splayed a bit wider than the Project X which brings your feet together closer to your core, giving me a more aggressive paddling position and good power for throwing it around. This combined with the Core White-out outfitting with the leg lifter had me locked in and more intune with both the kayak and the river.

With more volume around the cockpit and in the bow, this boat launches out of the water. Thus, giving me more stability for bow/stern stalls and big aerial maneuvers. Another sweet perk of extra volume means more foot room (I used my creeking shoes and was completely comfortable!).

Not only is this a freestyle machine, but it makes for a perfect boat for a new play boater to learn and progress in. The faster hull design with the continuous rocker makes for an excellent river running play boat and the extra volume produces a wider hull adding great stability. In addition, the extra volume in the bow and stern help glide over eddie lines easier than most play boats. The new design sheds water fantastically, making it much easier to float through boils and seams without Mr. Snappy grabbing an edge.

All in all, I was extremely impressed with Wavesports new design. This is a boat that will help anyone progress in freestyle whether just starting out or throwing Space Godzillas. The Mobius is sure to be a hit with anyone who paddles it.

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