Pyranha Burn III

Pyranha Burn III Burn III, Pyranha Kayak

The Burns carving rails have always given it a precise and controlled feel, letting you drive around the river easily and the flat hull lets you surf and ferry with style.

The third generation Burn is the latest in Pyranha’s long line of cutting edge river runners. Paddlers have come to rely on the Burn’s combination of playful hull, precise edges and forgiving deck profile for everything from the beginnings of whitewater to Class V creeks.

The new Burn refines these features further to give you more speed and drive, more precise tracking in turbulent water and effortless boofs. The Burn’s combination of stability and precision make it a proven all round performer–whether you are a beginner running Class II or an expert firing up big drops.

This year in 2015 NEW OUTFITTING updates create a even more comfortable customized fit.  A adjustable seat slides forward and back on a track but locks tightly in place to dial you into the right profile on the water.   A new tilting seat set up allows you to relax in the boat while still maintaining tight connection in the thigh hooks.  With this relaxed tighter fit your better equipped for a quick roll, effortless edging a true extension to your body.  We recommend this boat in particular to folks who are intermediate paddlers who are looking for a more dynamic boat for river running, one that will allow you to engage your edges intentionally whether you love to surf, boof or glide.

The 2014 redesign of the Burn gives us 4 sizes to dial down exactly the right size and fit for the type of paddling you prefer.


7′ 11″ 24.6″ 59 US gals 34.3″ 19″ 39.2lbs
8’2 25.5″ 70.8 US gals 37″ 19.5″ 43.2lbs
8’3 27.1″ 78.5 US gals 37″ 19.5″ 46lbs
8′ 6″ 27.3″ 89.2 US gals 37.5″ 19.5″ 49lbs


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