Rafting and Inflatable Kayak supplies

The River Store is a long time dealer for many of the premiere brands in the inflatable kayak and rafting equipment industry.

Buy from Stock or Order your new raft, Inflatable kayak or Rafting equipment through us for great deals and special discounts!

Demo a raft, cataraft or IK (must meet our minimum qualifications for experience) and work with our expert staff to help determine the craft that best suits your needs! Gigi and the rest of the River Store  staff  have many years of experience with commercial and private rafting as guides and with our
Current Adventures instructional program for kayakers.

We carry a full range of Inflatable kayak and Rafting equipment including Paddles, Guide Sticks, Wetsuits and Drysuits/tops, Whistles, Rope, Carabiners, Water shoes, drybags, California’s best best selection of paddling PFDs (life vests) and much more. We also stock many repair items like glues, patch kits, valves, oar pins, etc. for your on water or home repair kits and at the river repairs.

Contact the River Store to place your Order or come in and check out our stock of Inflatable kayak and quality rafting equipment!

Need a drysuit or drytop gasket repaired?? We have an excellent in house service for most brands, or can send out to manufacturers if needed for special repairs. A quick turnaround time on most repairs and very reasonable pricing make it an unbeatable service!

Our “at the river” convenience makes for an easy day, and less hassle packing demo/rental gear from far away sources.


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