Saltwood Paddles

Saltwood Paddles

This company is no longer in business, however, there still may be some paddles on the used market. We are keeping this article up to provide you with specs on their paddle models should you find one you want to buy. 

Saltwood is a small paddle company based in Placerville, CO. They build gear that they themselves design and use, and take pride in created a quality product for all types of water.

Saltwood paddles ship to us with economical packaging. Saltwood cares about the environment and they try to reduce their carbon footprint by avoiding plastic packaging and using brown paper instead.saltwood paddle, paddles, the river store



Saltwood paddles are made with a hollow spruce shaft with a thin fiberglass sleeve for the perfect combo of weight, flexibility, and strength. Spruce is one of the strongest woods and even used to be used to make the brakes on wagon trains. The wooden shaft has a natural flex that’s easy of the joints and super lightweight. The blades slice through the water with ease and provide good catch. These paddles have a light swing weight, especially with the carbon blades.

Paddle Specs

The Reggie

BLADE LENGTH AND WIDTH:   41 cm x 20 cm
APPROX. WEIGHT AT 200 cm:   32 oz
APPROX. WEIGHT AT 210 cm:   33 oz



saltwood paddle, paddles, the river store, reggie         The Reggie incorporates several attributes of blade shapes we like into an all around great design. Paddlers who enjoy the smooth nuances of crafting and blending their strokes together will appreciate the responsive and predictable character. The surface area is slightly less than the Habit blade, making it a good choice for longer days on the water, but it still has enough area to power up your stroke when you need it. The blade has a crisp feel in the catch, a well-balanced stroke, and a smooth release .



The Habit

BLADE LENGTH AND WIDTH   42 cm x 21 cm
APPROX. WEIGHT AT 200 cm:   33 oz
APPROX. WEIGHT AT 210 cm:   34 oz

habit, the river store, saltwood, paddle

The Habit paddle has a large blade area and provides an aggressive purchase on the water. The blade feels really solid pulling hard on the power face as well as when driving off the back face. Like all the Saltwood line, the stiff blade forces the shaft to engage, letting you feel the level of power you want to deliver.



The River Store has both bent and straight shafts available in stock and are happy to help you custom order any other Saltwood paddle of your choice.

The River Store

1032 Lotus Rd Lotus, CA

(530) 626-3435

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