Hoops For Sale

Hoops For Sale At The River Store

Hoops are super fun, a great source of exercise, and will unleash your creativity!

Hoop Designs include:

Rasta: red, yellow, green, & black

Lotus: purple, blue, black with silver lotus flowers

Custom designs are available by request.

hoops, the river store, hoop dance

 These hoops are collapsible, which makes them easy to transport. Move through the crowds at festivals, pack them in your luggage or take them down the river.

hoops, the river store, hoop dance class

hoops, amy delosa, the river store

Who makes these hoops?

Amy DeLosa started hoop dancing in 2011. She took a series of classes that led her to join a hoop dancing group in Reno, NV called BOHO Hoops. The group performed at a variety of venues including Earth Day Fest and Compression. In the past year she began making hoops and teaching others some basic moves. Amy brings dance, fitness, and yoga together to create movement with the hoop.

hoop, hoop dance, amy delosa

hoop, hoop dance, the river store, amy delosa


Interested in learning to hoop or want help with a few new moves?

Purchase a hoop and she’ll be glad to give you some complimentary pointers to get you started.

Hoops start at $29.95

Classes are available with Amy for only $15 per hour.

Contact Amy with questions about hoops or classes at amyfisher9@yahoo.com or swing by The River Store.

hoops, hoop dance, the river store, amy delosa

The River Store

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